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Entry Point to Switzerland

As a European correspondent bank, the SECB offers highly qualified services to banks interested in a central connection to the most important clearing systems of the European Monetary Union (TARGET2 and EBA) as well as to financial institutions in Switzerland.

As an entry point to Switzerland, the SECB offers its customers the routing of euro payments via euroSIC. Our customers can also reach partners throughout Europe and worldwide via this payment channel.

Benefit From Our Competence

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and comprises 34 countries: the 27 EU states and the EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Monaco and San Marino. There is no longer a distinction between domestic and cross-border payments. The use of SEPA credit transfers (SCT) and SEPA direct debits (SDD) is as simple, efficient and secure as the previous national payment instruments.

The basis for processing SEPA-compliant payments in the Single Euro Payments Area is the "SEPA Scheme Rulebooks" of the European Payments Council (EPC). They define the rules, processes and standards of the SEPA payment schemes on the way from the  payer to the creditor. 

In order to participate in the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit schemes, a bank must register separately with the EPC for each of these schemes. We provide our clients with lists of direct and indirect SEPA participants in the client area of this website. 

Customer access is only available to customers with an account at the SECB.

Further information on the EPC and the banks that have already signed a declaration of accession can be found on the following websites:

As operators of euroSIC, the SECB and SIX Interbank Clearing offer a unique combination of a settlement bank and clearing system. We enable the processing of euro payments for participating financial institutions in Switzerland and across borders in real time, with 24-hour availability on all bank business days, without excessive liquidity requirements and at very attractive conditions.

The advantages of SECB and euroSIC as a central channel for euro payments are obvious:

  • Provision of direct connections to all major clearing systems of the European Monetary Union.
  • Direct settlement of euro payments for all euroSIC participants in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other European countries.
  • Central online cash management.
  • Cost savings by focusing on one instead of several account connections
  • Attractive conditions.

All euro payments – within Europe and worldwide – can be processed without the commissioning bank having to look for an alternative to the SECB and euroSIC.

We process payments with a predefined routing. If no routing is available for the payment, our free service will automatically route the payment for you based on the information we have.

As part of the investigation service, the SECB offers the complete handling of investigations and inquiries for all cross-border payments processed via euroSIC.

In addition, we provide you with detailed information on the current status of each request and prepare a monthly report on the requests processed and the fees incurred.

With our experience and our attractive euro rates, we are setting a new standard in the world of financial partnerships, because we know that reliability and profitability must go hand in hand.

  • We look forward to providing you with comprehensive information and support. Please contact our customer service team for all details about our services presented here. 

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